Installing Proprietary Windows Drivers on Linux

I have a PC Oscilloscope Instrustar ISDS205X which I used on Windows 10. Now that I have switched to Linux, I am unable to find the respective drivers for it. I have tried installing it on PlayOnLinux but the software doesn’t install and so do its drivers.

Is there any method to convert such Windows drivers to run on Linux?

(My CPU is i5-4570 and Distro is Debian 10 KDE Plasma)

Asked By: Nabeel Kirmani


In short: no.

To go further, a driver is a piece of software that interact with the kernel of the operating system.
When you’re working in kernel world, interoperability doesn’t exist. POSIX neither.
Everything is totally OS-specific: the architecture, the sub-systems and the way they have been built and designed, the standard library offered by the kernel to driver writer, there’s nothing in common between Linux and Windows.

The only ways you can get your oscilloscope working under linux is:

  • by using a Windows virtual machine and forwarding the USB device to it (possible with virtualbox or qemu).

  • by doing reverse engineering when using it with a Windows workstation: analyse USB exchanges, try to guess the protocol used and the command passed to achieve this or this operation… it’s a very hard and long job …

Answered By: binarym