How to restart icewm from the command line?

I’m looking for a way to bind for example the Ctrl+Alt+Ins key combination to a command line that would restart icewm (just to make it read the configuration files again and be aware of the edits).

So what should go into that .icewm/keys file ?

key "Alt+Ctrl+k" <tab> <...> ?

Asked By: ychaouche


If you want IceWM to re-read its configuration, send it a SIGHUP signal:

killall -SIGHUP icewm

See the Configuration chapter in the IceWM Manual.

Answered By: manatwork

I’ve been using

icewm --replace

Less chance of making some dumb mistake while using ‘kill’.

See Though it’s on the Ubuntu SE site, there’s nothing distro-specific about the answer.

Answered By: DarenW
key "Alt+Ctrl+k" icewm --restart

according to icewm and icewm-keys manpages for 1.4.2.

Answered By: Brint
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