Stop aria2c from parsing torrent file

When I download a torrent file with aria2c, it always try to parse it and add a torrent task, but all I want is get that file.

Is it possible to stop aria2c from doing so? I didn’t seem to find an option in manual

Asked By: daisy

aria2c "${URL}" --follow-torrent=false

From aria2‘s manual:

--follow-torrent=true|false|mem – If true or mem is specified, when a file whose suffix is .torrent or content type is application/x-bittorrent is downloaded, aria2 parses it as a torrent file and downloads files mentioned in it. If mem is specified, a torrent file is not written to the disk, but is just kept in memory. If false is specified, the .torrent file is downloaded to the disk, but is not parsed as a torrent and its contents are not downloaded.

Default: true
Answered By: mikeserv
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