Deactivate "Recent Files" in Dolphin

I want to deactivate the “recent files” in the sidebar of dolphin.
Is there a way?

Asked By: Matombo


The GUI is in System Settings - Workspace Behaviour - Activities - Privacy but it does not seem to work.

Answered By: Barafu Albino

You can at least hide them by right clicking on the sidebar and unchecking the option “Show all entries”.

If you just want to clean up the application’s look, this might work for you. You can also click on “unlock panels” to move, show/hide and delete the sidebar, menu bar or terminal as you see fit. Of course, this is no option if you want to protect your privacy.

Answered By: dervonnebenaan

right click on recent files and select to hide the section

Answered By: Xanderlicious
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