Keyboard locks in IntelliJ IDEA on Ubuntu 14.04

Could you help me with hell of a weird issue?
I use Intellij IDEA 13 on Ubuntu 14.04, and from time to time my keyboard completely (yep, completely, it’s not about shortcuts) locks in IDEA. I still can do anything I want in IDEA with my mouse, also I can use the keyboard everywhere else except IDEA. And it can be fixed only by restarting IDEA so far.

Can anybody give a hint, please?

Asked By: Treble Snake


There is a an open issue in jetbrains youtrack for intellij idea that recommend two solutions:

  1. Keyboard input may be unlocked by restarting IBus daemon from a console:

    ibus-daemon -rd
  2. IBus can be disabled for IDEA by unsetting env. variable XMODIFIERS, but ability to input national characters in IDEA will be lost:


I have used the second one and fixed my problem.

Answered By: Saeed Zarinfam

I was able to solve it with what I found here that is basically adding export XMODIFIERS="" on

Answered By: Alfergon

I’ve tried this out and its working so far but I’ll update if it freezes up again. I’ve seen a suggestion on youtrack that suggests to turn off iBus which seems to interfere particularly because of it’s use of the ctrl + space shortcut to change language settings. You can do that by going to:

language support > keyboard input method system > none

enter image description here

**** UPDATE *****

After running it for a while this technique still didn’t work as I kept freezing. I guess for now I’ll stick to the following workaround to restart ibus which is a bit inconvenient but what can you do.

go into terminal


ibus-daemon -rd
Answered By: ThinkBonobo
  1. Temporary solution: simply execute ibus-daemon -rd on the terminal.
  2. Permanent solution: the 01 Oct 2015 update on the issue recommends to:

Either upgrade IBus to version 1.5.11 or add export
to your ~/.profile, then restart a session.

Alternatively, you can turn off IBus at System Settings | Language
Support | Keyboard input method

IDEA 15 will show a warning if an incompatible version of IBus is in use.

Answered By: Alex
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