How do I get kopete to hide/ignore status changes?

I’m tired of kopete showing me every time someone goes away, online, it’s annoying as it doesn’t matter to me. How do I get kopete to hide these messages, or at least not alert me to them.

Asked By: xenoterracide


This one is well hidden 🙂

To remove the KDE event notification

  1. Go to KDE system settings
  2. Select “Application and System Notifications”.
  3. Choose Kopete Messenger in Event source,
  4. Select “Status Change” and uncheck all options.

To remove the event in the Kopete chat window

  1. In Kopete, go to menu Settings / Configure…
  2. Select Behavior / Chat
  3. Uncheck “Show events in chat window”.
Answered By: Barthelemy

You should be able to configure what you do and don’t get notified about by Kopete and how it notifies you by going to Settings->Configure Notifications.

Answered By: Jonathan M Davis
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