What is your favourite shell script GUI/CLI editor and why?

I’m using vim for editing bash scripts currently, but I really need to set it up and/or install plugins. Plugin suggestions welcome. Either way, I’d like to see which editors/IDEs there are for this job.

Asked By: admiral0


I love Geany

alt text

It’s a quick GUI editor that can manage small projects if necessary (it can remember list of files and a few other neat things). It supports many syntax highlighting including Shell scripting.

It supports plug-ins, and I have used the VC (version control) plug-in once, but the basic features of Geany are enough for most of the work I do with it.

Answered By: Huygens

Another cool editor, though the UI looks a bit old now, is Nedit.

alt text

It is more powerful than Geany as it can support ctags which you can use to navigate through your code (finding the definition of a function or variable, etc.)

It’s really light-weight, fast to launch. However, the user experience might not please everyone.

I have been using it for a long period to develop shell and C/C++ code. Though I use more now Geany and Eclipse CDT for these purposes.

Answered By: Huygens

gedit can be a great editor when extended with gedit-plugins


Answered By: iamsid

I use both BBEdit (Mac text editor) and vi(m).

BBEdit has a command line counterpart which works great for integrating with the underside of the Mac and other CLI tools.

vi(m) is on essentially every *nix system out there.

Knowing vi(m) is beneficial due to its availability.

Hope that helps with your search!

Answered By: tshubitz

I found this: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=365

It is really good for bash scripting.

Answered By: admiral0

Emacs is rather good, there’s been a built-in shell scripting mode for some time.

Answered By: ocodo

Text Triumvirate seem to bring in the gospel on vim-ish editors. It’s an alliance between vim, tmux and zsh, and is more of a development-environment setup than an editor per se.

Here’s how it (might) look:

text triumvirte

Answered By: Eliran Malka

I recently came across a cross-platform package called shell-check that finds and explains common shell scripting errors and gotchas. It’s available for vim and emacs and other platforms, and if you don’t want to install it you can still use it on-line at their on-line web interface.

Answered By: user1404316
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