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So, I want to have a VM of a very minimal x86 Linux install, with networking support so I can download packages. All this VM is going to be used for is to learn NASM assembly, since all of the other Linux installs I have anywhere area all x86_64 installs.


Asked By: Chiggins


Any distro will have an x86 version. If you really don’t want to run X or anything like that, there are plenty of distros that offer minimal versions. Ubuntu and debian have minimal installs if you want to go that route.

I think what you’ll get the most recommendations for is arch. It’s got a good community with lots of tutorials and recipes for stuff. Also there’s slackware and gentoo

Answered By: Falmarri

Debian netinstall is really simple to use:
It may look like it’s hard to use but installer asks you a bunch of questions and all you have to do is to answer them and voila: you will have minimal system (it uses 36-38 mb of ram in idle mode with irssi on my pc without X).

Answered By: user2648
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