Network monitoring tool

I’m basically looking for a utility that displays which processes are using how much bandwidth, similar to how top displays which processes use how much resources.

Asked By: tshepang


Have a look at

Answered By: tshubitz

netstat can give you usage statistics on a per socket basis.

Answered By: kasterma

NetHogs is the best tool I have found so far that fulfills my need, but sadly needs to be run as root. (via)

Answered By: tshepang

I would like to add iptraf to the list.

Answered By: Patkos Csaba

You can get stats from netstat via the -s flag, and per-process from the -p flag.

Answered By: wspeirs

IMO in decreasing order of usefulness, if you want to know what’s eating your bandwidth. Of course, to just list and monitor sockets you can watch -d 'sudo ss -tlpn'.

Bandwidth monitor with process info

  • bandwhich: Terminal bandwidth utilization tool. On brew.
  • nethogs: Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process. On Debian repos.
# Show connection but not processes
# Up/down each second
ifstat -bt
sar -n DEV  1
Answered By: Pablo A