LVM + Couldn't create temporary archive name

we have 100% on /

Filesystem                Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/vg08_root   20G   20G  132K 100% /

so when I do lvextend we get the following errors

# lvextend -L+5G /dev/mapper/vg08_root
 Couldn't create temporary archive name.
 Volume group "vg00" metadata archive failed.

how to resolve this?

Asked By: yael


It is because there is no space in the /etc/lvm/archive or it is read only.

Judging with the partition being 100% full, /etc/lvm/archive has no space left. You will have to create some space in the root partition.

If it still does not work, means that the folder is read-only. Resolve using : chmod a+r /etc/lvm/archive

Answered By: Hunter.S.Thompson

You may be able to circumvent the space requirement for this operation by disabling the metadata backup with the -A|--autobackup option:

lvextend -An -L+5G /dev/mapper/vg08_root

If you do this, follow the operation with a vgcfgbackup to capture the new state.

Post-mortem note:

Since the ultimate goal was to expand the logical volume and resize the encapsulated filesystem, a one-step operation could have been used:

lvextend -An -L+5G --resizefs /dev/mapper/vg08_root

In this case, the filesystem type would have been automatically deduced, avoiding trying to use resize2fs in lieu of `xfs_growfs’.

Answered By: JRFerguson
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