What is the action (command) to show all open windows in Debian?

I’m using Debian 9.1 with KDE and would like to have a button to show all open windows. However I don’t know what I should put as “Action” to get that it working. So how can I implement this? Is there a command for this?

Asked By: mYnDstrEAm


Hi this seems like a KDE issue. In the KDE docs there are few shortcuts already defined see.
maybe ctrl+F10 or ctrl+F9. If one of those doesn’t suit then you can probably look through the KDE docs to find the action you want.

Answered By: lgflorentino

The default action to show present windows is


This will zoom out and show all open windows.


If you go to

System settings – Desktop behavior – Screen edges

You can set

present windows (all desktops/current desktop/current application)

On one of the 8 screen edge actions, that way you just push your mouse cursor to whichever edge you created the action for, and it will accomplish the same thing.

Answered By: nullmeta
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