Kernel module to connect ps/2 keyboard to usb?

Is it technically possible to write a kernel module to physically connect a PS/2 keyboard to a USB port using a passive converter? If not, why?

(If I simply wanted my keyboard to work I would buy an active adapter, but the purpose of this question is to learn something)

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No USB standard implements backwards compatibility with PS/2. PS/2 mice which predate USB do not contain time-travelled USB descriptors. Nor can an arbitrary USB port be accessed as a GPIO.

USB descriptors: &

(Wiki links aren’t going to be great, but the introductions here should give the idea).

Converting the opposite way round, passive USB to PS/2 converters require USB support in the USB input device, and recent USB devices don’t bother with it:

Answered By: sourcejedi

Enabling "legacy usb" in BIOS let’s you use passive USB/PS2 (pin to pin) converters. And they work on windows.

I’ve never tried with linux though.

Answered By: Zibri
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