KDE keyboard repeat delay/rate settings don't work/have no effect?

How can I get the KDE (Plasma 5.8.6 on Debian Stretch) System Settings for keyboard repeat & delay to actually do something?

These settings:

KDE Keyboard settings screenshot

Whenever I change and apply the settings I don’t see any effect on the X11 repeat/delay state (as seen via xset q | grep "auto repeat delay").

Asked By: genpfault


In the Startup and Shutdown → Background Services configuration applet,
make sure the Keyboard Daemon service ("Enables switching keyboard layout through shortcuts or system tray") is checked and in the "Running" state:

Keyboard Daemon service screenshot

If this does not seem to have an effect, log out and back in. The settings should be applied afterwards.

For whatever reason this service is also responsible for propagating rate/delay changes to X11, which you can see live via:

watch -n1 'xset q | grep "auto repeat delay"'

Source: bcooksley’s post at KDE Community Forums.

Answered By: genpfault
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