red-green color blindness compatible vim theme

I am looking for a vim theme accessible to users with red green color blindness. In particular, the red text on a dark terminal background all but disappears. Do any of you know of a good theme? Or have resources useful for designing one?

Asked By: mkirk


In my .vimrc I added:

set background=dark

That helped a lot.

Answered By: mkirk

I am not colorblind so I don’t really know what works and what doesn’t. I use the desert color scheme which works great for me, but your best guess would be to go to and just check them all out.

Answered By: tante

“A dark colorscheme for color blind vimmers”

Answered By: Peter Hutkins

For anyone that comes accross this post I recommend jellybeans

Answered By: 1weeksy1
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