How can I exclude Javascript files so as to ignore the warning "ctags: Warning: ignoring null tag in"?

Is there any way I can hide the ctags: Warning: ignoring null tag in warning from prointing on the shell when I execute ctags in the src/? All of these warning seem to refer to .js files which is out of scope for me. I’m working with .c files under the hood but they are in thesame top level directory (src/) and I run the following command: ctags -R *;cscope -R from src/ in order to browse the existing code but I get all these messages from a directories I don’t “care” about.

Asked By: stdcerr


When you give ctags the -R (recurse) option, it’s often useful to use the --exclude option to tell it to ignore things like source control directories or files you’re not interested in indexing.

In your case, use the option --exclude='*.js' .

Answered By: Mark Plotnick
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