Find command: how to ignore case?

I am looking for file “WSFY321.c” in a huge directory hierarchy.
Usually I would use GNU find: find . -name "WSFY321.c"
But I do not know the case, it could be uppercase, lowercase, or a mix of both.

What is the easiest way to find this file?
Is there something better than find . | grep -i "WSFY321.c" ?

Asked By: Nicolas Raoul


Recent versions of GNU find have an -iname flag, for case-insensitive name searches.

find . -iname "WSFY321.c"
Answered By: Lars Rohrbach

With GNU find, or other versions of find that have it:

find . -iname 'WSFY321.c'

With other versions:

find . -name '[Ww][Ss][Ff][Yy]321.[Cc]'

Or a compromise that’s slower but easier to type:

find . -name '????321.c' | grep -i '/WSFY[^/]*$'

Or in zsh:

print -rl -- **/(#i)WSFY321.c

Two solutions for macOS:

Using GNU find:

brew install findutils --with-default-names
# restart Terminal
find . -iname 'WSFY321.c'

Using GNU sed:

brew install gnu-sed --default-names
# restart Terminal
find -name "$(sed 's|([[:alpha:]])|[U1L1]|g' <<<'WSFY321.c')"
Answered By: dru
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