How to use command line completion in Midnight Commander?

An essential convenience feature every reasonable shell provides is command / file name completion (usually triggered by pressing Tab). I miss it heavily when I use command line in Midnight Commander. Is there a way to use it (other than by hiding the panels with Ctrl+O)?

Asked By: Ivan


You just need to prepend it with Esc: Esc-Tab does completion, and it will even give you a tiny dropdown if you do it twice. (That being said, you probably won’t get the more fancy expansion possibilities of some shells.)

Answered By: Ulrich Schwarz

There was a fix in MC 4.8.19 which makes redefining tab work

This config sample from the fix makes simple Tab work:

ChangePanel = tab
ChangePanel =
Complete = tab; alt-tab
Answered By: weberjn

Alt + Tab do the autocomplete native list of MC.

Answered By: talsibony
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