Where do I find boot log in Debian 8 (to debug autostart issues)?

I am trying to debug why certain apps fail to autostart (autostart package).

Premise: My final goal is to understand why the autostart sequence is broken (probably due to certain packages’ autostart fail). Debian 8 itself boots normally but autostart features doesn’t work properly.

So i wanted to go through boot’s log (in /var/log/daemon I didn’t find what I’m looking for).

According to Debian Wiki, I should fine boot log at /var/log/boot without any configuration in Debian 8.

However the file is not there.

The wiki also says:

If you use systemd as your init system, you may need to use systemctl to debug boot problems.

So I tried with

sudo systemd

but I get an error

Trying to run as user instance, but $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set.

Asked By: dragonmnl


Debian Jessie is using systemd, so there is no longer an /var/log/boot file.

You can still obtain a lot of information on the boot process with the command dmesg.

But if you use fbautostart, as I suppose, your problem should appear during the start of the window manager. As fbautostart is relatively trivial the best way, is probably to start by commenting everything, then commenting out, i.e. uncomment, each lines of your configuration files, step by step until you find your problem.

Answered By: Ortomala Lokni

sudo journalctl in Jessie outputs the boot window details including the Warnings and Errors. I have found it to be most helpful in fixing errant packages that systemd starts or attempts to start. It is located at /bin/journalctl.

Answered By: Peter Strong
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