How to prettyprint json using jq standalone?

Currently, when I want to pretty-print a json file using jq, I use:

cat file.json | jq .

Yet I would expect for jq to accept a file name as argument without having to fallback on cat.

The man page says:

jq [options…] filter [files…]

By default, jq reads a stream of JSON objects (whitespace separated)
from stdin. One or more files may be specified, in which case jq will
read input from those instead.

Yet running:

jq file.json

fails by throwing compile errors that the keys are not defined.

How am I supposed to add the file when running jq?

Asked By: k0pernikus

jq . file.json

is what I was looking for. I didn’t realize that the . is a filter and not a placeholder for the piped in content:


The absolute simplest (and least interesting) filter is .. This is a
filter that takes its input and produces it unchanged as output.

And the man page makes it clear that the filter is a required argument.

Answered By: k0pernikus
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