Openshot Video/Audio Preview has no Sound

Im trying to edit some videos in Openshot but there’s no sound in the preview window. Sound works when I play the videos on VLC however.

The videos play with melt but they also have no sound. Im running Ubuntu 12.10. Spent a good two hours on Google searching for a solution with no results yet.

Asked By: dnlbaines


Openshot requires a video stream and an audio stream and you have to make sure that the eye and speaker icons are present and active to view and hear the video and that audio levels are normal…

Answered By: Tenplus1

Right click on the video in ‘tracks’, go to properties, and make sure ‘enable audio’ is checked.

Audio (sound) has to be enabled on your track (ie: video) for you to be able to hear anything when you play your preview or download your video. When I first installed openshot I had the same problem as the OP- enabling audio solved it.

Answered By: mdegges

I had same problem on version 2.5.1, Worked for about 2 hours changing audio settings on pc and then matching those settings to OpenShot. Nothing helped.The solve for me was,in OpenShot go to Edit-Preferences,(Tab) Preview, Playback Audio Device (changed to DirectSound;Speakers.Found this trying each setting as 3 different settings seemed to be the same ,however only the one worked.

Answered By: ronald Schronce

Tryed Edit-Preferences,(Tab) Preview, Playback Audio Device (changed to DirectSound;Speakers. This did not work but did work if I chose speakers on attached monitor. When leaving as default or selecting DirectSound Speakers nothing else would play through those speakers when openshot was active. Its like open shot has had a go at using internal speakers and in process locks out other apps access.

Answered By: user1226799

Check edit->Preferences->Preview->Playback Audio Device.

This was the issue for me.

Answered By: Phillip Behm

Oddly my reputations are not high enough to comment, but I can post answers. This will continue being a problem since Stackexhange hasn’t been very interesting over several years, nor helpful

Under windows 10, I do not have sound with Openshot video. Using the suggested fixes does nothing.

Going to Edit>>preferences>>preview>>default playback audio device has 4 options
((my sound card)) and ((two virtual devices))

Default doesn’t work, so trying the other three yields an error on program restart:
….."no such device"… which is it does not find my hardware which is present in all my other software except Opera browser, where I have a post in another thread that has been going for about 3 years now.

The other option is to right click the video track and select audio options, but there is no such options when I right click, perhaps because the audio isn’t loading or detected since the software is blind to my having a sound card.

I will leave the software installed for a while, but not hopeful. Was looking for a simple editing tool for some videos for work, not my favorite task.

:enter image description here

Answered By: Zero Code

I had this issue and found this question looking for answers. I was able to confirm with VLC that the video and audio were both recorded. None of the mentioned answers worked, but they helped me look in the right direction. Edit-Preferences->Preview (tab)->Default Audio Sample Rate was set to 44000, but my audio was recorded at 48000. After changing that, everything worked.

Answered By: Wyrmwood
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