/dev/mmcblk0 partitions limit

I’ve just mounted a microSD card which has 17 partitions in my laptop and I’m getting the following error in the YaST partitioner:

Your disk /dev/mmcblk0 contains 17 partitions. The maximum number of partitions that the
kernel driver of the disk can handle is 7. Partitions above 7 cannot be accessed

and indeed – I have only /dev/mmcblkp0...7. Well, actually I have only 3 partitions because an extended partition starts at partition number 5, so it’s p0, p5, p6, p7.

I’ve formatted this card using a card reader in a printer on another PC which was exposing the microSD card as /dev/sdxY and allowed me to create 17 partitions. Now I’ve put it into a laptop with a built-in card reader and it gives the above error. Why is that?

It’s suggesting to use LVM but come on, LVM on microSD is overkill and inconvenient as hell for removable storage.

Asked By: Lapsio


LVM is not overkill if you have 17 partitions. (IMHO)

As for the partition limit, it just happens to be the default. Probably no one expected that many partitions on a device that used to have only a few megs.


179 block       MMC block devices
                  0 = /dev/mmcblk0      First SD/MMC card
                  1 = /dev/mmcblk0p1    First partition on first MMC card
                  8 = /dev/mmcblk1      Second SD/MMC card

                The start of next SD/MMC card can be configured with
                CONFIG_MMC_BLOCK_MINORS, or overridden at boot/modprobe
                time using the mmcblk.perdev_minors option. That would
                bump the offset between each card to be the configured
                value instead of the default 8.

So it might work if you recompile your kernel with CONFIG_MMC_BLOCK_MINORS=18 or with the mmcblk.perdev_minors=18 kernel parameter. (Or 32 in case it has to be a power of 2). Doing so will reduce the total number of mmcblkX you may have in your system.

Personally I’d rather lower the number of partitions so it will work everywhere and not just your customized system.

Answered By: frostschutz