Print source code of bash script with its includes

Is there a way to view/show/print the source code of bash script with its includes (aka “sources”)?

For example: file

 function showMe(){
     echo "INCLUDE"
    } file



echo "OK"

The “print” of will show:


 echo "INCLUDE"

echo "OK"
Asked By: xlive

perl -p0e 'while(s/sources+(S+)/`cat $1`/e){}'
Answered By: JJoao

You can try following awk:

awk '/^source/ { while (getline l <$2 > 0) print l; close($2); next; } { print; }'

so each line which starts with source fname should be replaced with contents of file if exists.

Answered By: taliezin

If you don’t mind executing the script too, here is a simple way to have the source code and its includes being displayed:

bash -v
Answered By: jlliagre

Programs outputting their own source are called quines. There are a lot, although it is surprisingly non-intuitive to actually develop one. Most examples on the net does not include anything. A simple bash version can be found here:

'printf "%sn" "${q[@]:0:2}"'
'printf "47%s47n" "${q[@]}"'
'printf "%sn" "${q[@]:2}"'
printf "%sn" "${q[@]:0:2}"
printf "47%s47n" "${q[@]}"
printf "%sn" "${q[@]:2}"

There are quines in practially all programming languages. There are also quine chains (outputting source code on another language, that source outputs the original). This quine is a 128 language long chain.

Answered By: peterh
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