How to determine or set keyboard shortcut for activities view in gnome3 on centos7?

Is there a way in Gnome3 on CentOS7 to list the actual keyboard shortcuts for things like the activities view? I can find lots of web pages that tell me what they should be, but I’d like to know for sure.

For instance, a “Gnome Help” site says that the shortcut for the activities view is “Alt-F1”, but that just brings up the Application menu. I want a shorter sequence to bring this up. That same page also refers to a “Super” key, but I don’t have that key on this HP “Z Book”.

After I get a list of these shortcuts, how can I change them?

Asked By: David M. Karr


You can see all shortcuts under “Keyboard” in the “Settings” and add custom ones.

And you can change the key for the applications menu in the Gnome Tweak Tool.

Answered By: Jodka Lemon

You can disable the application menu then the Alt + F1 shortcut should open the activities overview.

Disable the application menu:
Tweaks -> Extensions -> Applications menu -> set to OFF.

Answered By: Adi
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