What's a smart way to count the number of days since X?

I started working at my current position since November 17th 2014. I would like to know how many days have run up to now. Any ideas on how to use Linux to come up with a simple and nice solution?

Asked By: ychaouche


Well, on the face of it:

$ date --date="-239 days"
Mon Nov 17 15:25:40 CET 2014

In a script (not very efficient, but… maybe it handles leap seconds? 😉 )

while [ "$result" != "20141117" ]
    result=$(date --date="-$i days" +%Y%m%d)
echo "$i" days have passed since "$result"
Answered By: frostschutz
echo $(( (`date +%s` - `date +%s -d '2014/11/17'`) / 86400 )) days ago
Answered By: wurtel

I tried python on the command line.

$ python -c "import datetime; print datetime.date.today() - datetime.date(2014,11,17)"
246 days, 0:00:00 
Answered By: ychaouche

Here is example with PHP:

$o1 = date_create('2014-11-17');
$o2 = date_create();
$o3 = date_diff($o2, $o1);
echo 'days: ', $o3->days, "n";


days: 1927


Answered By: Zombo
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