Restart xfce from tty1

I am new to xubuntu, somtimes my xfce desktop crashes, and I can only use tty1 from command line.

I want to know how can I restart my xfce in tty7 from tty1?

I’ve googled it, but didn’t found the solution. Thanks.

Asked By: zfz


Try killing user by

pkill -KILL -u yourusername

This will bring you back to login screen though.

Answered By: linuxk

You can try startxfce4.

As this site says:

Restart XFCE4 : from the command line, you would better use
“startxfce4” to bypass stupid distribution X startup scripts that can
drive you crazy, really.

Answered By: green

For me startxfce4 didn’t work, but pkill did.

You could try the following command:

xfwm4 --replace

It restarts the windows manager.

Answered By: Stek Turku

pkill worked but seemed a little extreme to me. If I had other stuff going on in other tty sessions, it would kill those too.

Another solution is:

sudo systemctl restart lightdm

A great strength of Linux is that there are always multiple ways to achieve the same task.

Answered By: Alan B. Dee
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