Linux network stops functioning after random time (wired)

I’m unsure if this is hard or software issue but I really need to find out.

I was running Windows 8.1 for some time, then swapped to Linux mint with kernel 3.13 which worked fine. I updated kernel to 3.19 without issues. Later I swapped to 4.0.

One day, my network stopped working, (eth0) does not matter if I’m docked in station or using a cable. (this is at work, so we have many desks that I use..) Swapped to Elementary OS, 3.16 – Same issues.

I tried to downgrade kernel, update my network drivers, update NetworkManager etc. Nothing works.

I have checked:

  • logs (syslog)
  • dmesg
  • New kernel
  • New drivers (updated grub, initramfs)
  • taken traffic dumps which shows broadcast traffic and my outgoing (but no other incoming) traffic

… etc I cannot find anything interesting, the interface shows traffic being sent out but it does still not seem to leave my computer really.

Currently I have a script that brings eth0 down / up and restarts dhclient which is the only solution that works.

IPv6 is disabled on all possible levels.
wifi does not have this issue!

Network:   Card-1: Intel Ethernet Connection I218-LM
           driver: e1000e v: 2.3.2- port: 4080 bus-ID: 00:19.0

I’m also using VMware and bridge to eth0 for my virtual windows. (tried VirtualBox and VMware, does not change, so I don’t think they ruin my eth0 connection)

Anyone have any tip on how to troubleshoot this further? Only thing I know is to install windows again and see if it has the same issue (in case of HW failure) but that’s a buttload of work right now.

Asked By: Philip Wiberg


Perhaps a very simple suggestion and not sure if this will help matters. But perhaps try a liveCD, since that requires practically no work and wont require you messing with your current OS?

If a liveCD doesn’t work either I would think thats a good indicator its hardware related. Since Linux Mint 3.13 or 3.19 worked try and grab a live CD of those version.

Answered By: dakka

Networkmanager was the issue. Update helped because it rendered my NM unusable. I just set dhcpaddress through “dhclient eth0” and it worked.

So I uninstalled NM and installed wicd, to have a gui.

Works like a charm.

Advice if u have the same issue:
Remove NetworkManager.

Answered By: Philip Wiberg