How to launch gedit from terminal and detach it (just like "subl" command works)?

To open a file to edit in gedit I run gedit &. But with Sublime Text it is simply subl This opens the file to edit and it doesn’t run in the background (in my shell).

How would I do that with gedit?

I tried exec /usr/bin/gedit "$@" (copied from /usr/bin/subl) but it works like gedit &.

Or alias ged="gedit $file &" should do. What can I substitute $file in the alias?

Asked By: Sandjaie Ravi


You could use this function:

gedit() { /usr/bin/gedit $@ & disown ;}


  • Makes a function which can be called with gedit
  • Launches gedit (using the full path /usr/bin/gedit), passing all the arguments/files given to it using $@
  • & disown sends it to background and disown detaches it from the terminal/shell.
Answered By: Wilf

If you’re on a recent GNOME 3 setup you could also use gapplication1:

gapplication launch org.gnome.gedit

to launch gedit just like you’d launch it from the dash (detached from terminal).
Sure, you can always define an alias:

alias ged='gapplication launch org.gnome.gedit'

or a function:

ged () { gapplication launch org.gnome.gedit "$@"; }

This only works for D-Bus activatable applications (run gapplication list-apps to get a list of apps).

Answered By: don_crissti
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