Changing screen scale in LXDE

I have installed Lubuntu on a very old laptop, and it performs great! I know there is an option in Ubuntu unity desktop which allows changing the scale of what you see on screen. Since my old laptop is 1280×1024, I would like to scale things a bit down to get more real estate…but I could not find this option in LXDE.

I already tried smaller font size, but it is just not the right answer!

Asked By: Saeid Yazdani


1280×1024 and you need to scale down? My desktop screen is that resolution and I still use Dejavu Sans size 11/12! But I have bad sight.

There’s no global “scaling” in LXDE; you change font size (in lxappearance), or icon size in the panel’s size parameters (right click the panel and choose the panel parameter entry).

Answered By: cylgalad

There is an option to set global scale in LXDE.

Edit (or create) .Xresources in your home folder and set the dpi

Xft.dpi: 150

For my Dell XPS I have set it to 200 and works reasonably well

Answered By: Ganesh Krishnan
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