in i3wm how can I set the default layout for all works spaces

By default when you start i3wm all work spaces start as vertical/horizontal split splith/splitv layout.

Is there a way to set the a different default like stacking or tabbed as the default for all containers on all work spaces. Some thing I can added to my ~/.i3/config

In stead of manually specifying each work space to use a specific layout using the mod+"w|e|s"

Asked By: nelaaro


If you want to change the behaviour of all new workspaces, just add

workspace_layout stacking

(or tabbed or default) to your .i3/config file, see section 4.8 of the documentation. The default is either horizontal, vertical or automatic, and governed by the default_orientation option, see section 4.7.

You can have finer-grained control using airblader’s script in the contrib directory
and also using the layout-saving and restoring feature.

Answered By: tile
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