How to disable event sounds in Plasma 5?

I wander how to disable event sounds in kde5 Plasma (the one that is heard when scrolling the volume in systray for example).

I use Plasma in Opensuse 13.2 but this is KDE specific methinks.


These are the available settings (after answer):

enter image description here

enter image description here

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It’s very annoying, isn’t it? I haven’t found a way to disable it but muting it is easy. Fire up kmix, scroll down “Event Sounds” to the bottom. Job done.

Answered By: Hakan Koseoglu

I think I’ve been able to resolve this by switching to the Gstreamer audio backend instead of VLC. Once I switched backends, Kmix showed a new “PCM” slider which seems to affect notification sounds.

Answered By: danarchy85

In recent Plasma 5, search "Audio Volume" in the application launcher and, under ‘Applications’ tab, disable ‘Notification Sounds’.

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In some Plasma versions the above doesn’t work, as I now see in Kubuntu 17.10. The Audio Volume tool looks different and notifications sounds is already muted.

enter image description here

To stop the volume scrolling sound etc in this case, I have unmuted, and moved the slider to zero, and muted again. Something is buggy here though, as the slider is in fact always stuck to zero, and only the mute/unmute button does the work.

In this case I have noticed that a different tool can be used: pavucontrol-qt:

enter image description here

After using this, the bug mentioned (slider stuck to zero in "Audio Volume") disappeared.

Answered By: user32012

in kde5, as root:

cd /usr/share
mv sounds sounds.backup
Answered By: Esmeralda

On KDE Plasma 5.22, Open System Settings, navigate on the menus to this place: Application Settings window and click the "Configure Events" button. This window will popup: Configure Notifications window here you can disable/change the system sounds on an individual basis.

Answered By: Eduardo de Souza Cruz
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