Create symlink – overwrite if one exists

I want to take down data in /path/to/data/folder/month/date/hour/minute/file and symlink it to /path/to/recent/file and do this automatically every time a file is created.

Assuming I will not know ahead of time if /path/to/recent/file exists, how can I go about creating it (if it doesn’t exist) or replacing it (if it does exist)? I am sure I can just check if it exists and then do a delete, symlink, but I’m wondering if there is a simple command which will do what I want in one step.

Asked By: drjrm3


This is the purpose of ln‘s -f option: it removes existing destination files, if any, before creating the link.

ln -sf /path/to/data/folder/month/date/hour/minute/file /path/to/recent/file

will create the symlink /path/to/recent/file pointing to /path/to/data/folder/month/date/hour/minute/file, replacing any existing file or symlink to a file if necessary (and working fine if nothing exists there already).

If a directory, or symlink to a directory, already exists with the target name, the symlink will be created inside it (so you’d end up with /path/to/recent/file/file in the example above). The -n option, available in some versions of ln, will take care of symlinks to directories for you, replacing them as necessary:

ln -sfn /path/to/data/folder/month/date/hour/minute/file /path/to/recent/file

POSIX ln doesn’t specify -n so you can’t rely on it generally. Much of ln’s behaviour is implementation-defined so you really need to check the specifics of the system you’re using. If you’re using GNU ln, you can use the -t and -T options too, to make its behaviour fully predictable in the presence of directories (i.e. fail instead of creating the link inside the existing directory with the same name).

Answered By: Stephen Kitt

Please read the manual.

ln -sfn /new/target /path/to/symlink

$ man ln

-n, –no-dereference
treat LINK_NAME as a normal file if it is a symbolic link to a

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