How do I enable remote desktop of the GUI?

I can ssh into my machine. I want to be able to login to the GUI to do dev work. I went go Applications > System Tools > settings > Sharing > and I have Remote login and Screen Sharing both on. I tried to connect to the CentOS box from my Mac OSX box using VNC Viewer. For the server I used my internal IP: 192.x.x.x.

“The connection was refused by the host computer”.

I am actively logged into the unix machine with a non-admin account.

How do I get going?

Asked By: P.Brian.Mackey


Well, asides from the obvious security holes that VNC causes (seriously, key stokes are sent unencrypted so anyone in the middle can grab a password), you’re going to want to make sure that you have to adjust your firewall which is in:

Applications -> Firewall -> Enter your root password -> Services -> vnc-server

Enable it, quit, and make sure that vnc is started and enabled.

You can always check from your mac machine by using nmap against it.

Answered By: SailorCire

Also you may log in to your machine using ssh -X -Y login@hostname (if allowed by sshd settings) and start vncviewer on a remote machine.

Answered By: loshad vtapkah
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