Linux commands for kids

My youngest daughter (6) is fascinated with the sl and gti commands. She even learned to combine them with ; and when the time comes to teach her about return values I’ll show her how sl && gti works but gti && sl does not, as gti returns 1.

What other commands might I teach her? She’ll learn ls and other useful commands in time as she asks me to explain to her what I’m doing, but I’m looking for other fun commands such as sl and gti. aafire and cowsay are a bit entertaining, but if there are other exciting commands like sl and gti we’d love to know.

She says thanks!

Asked By: dotancohen


Here are some suggestions:

— If she has started with basic math, she may like bc or python command prompt.

— You can write her a simple interactive, menu driven script to do counting or printing alphabets in fancy and colorful fonts.

— I recall I played a game called hangman a while ago. You can remove complicated words from the dictionary and add simple ones.

— Editor: You may open up an editor (nano, may be) for her and let her write what she feels like writing.

— Bell: You can write aliases to make fancy bell sounds

— Chat: If you are at work, can use command line chat or mail to exchange goofy messages.

This is all I can think of.

Answered By: Ketan Maheshwari
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