Terminator does not keep color profile between splits and new tabs

I just downloaded terminator 0.97. I have several profiles in my configuration file (~/.config/terminator/config). I don’t usually work with the default profile.

One issue is the problem of keeping the same colour scheme across window splits and when creating new tabs. When I select my solarized color scheme and open e.g. a new tab, it automatically jumps to the default profile. I used to have a patch downloaded from the internet. However, I can’t find it anymore.

Does anybody know about this patch ?
I really love the fact that you can split windows easily.

Asked By: homeless


After spending a decent amount of time looking around, I finally found two solutions starting with the best one mentioned first. I present them for the sake of completeness:

  • One has to make sure to have the following line in the terminator configuration file: always_split_with_profile = True under the [global_config] section. The same issue was brought up here.

  • Using the right search terms, I finally found the patch on the following link:

Answered By: homeless
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