What's a UTS namespace?

The man page of unshare says:

UTS namespace

setting hostname, domainname will not affect rest of the system (CLONE_NEWUTS flag)

What does UTS stand for?

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It means the process has a separate copy of the hostname and the (now mostly unused) NIS domain name, so it can set it to something else without affecting the rest of the system.

The hostname is set via sethostname and is the nodename member of the struct returned by uname. The NIS domain name is set by setdomainname and is the domainname member of the struct returned by uname.

UTS stands for UNIX Timesharing System.


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In short, the UTS namespace is about isolating hostnames.

The UTS namespace is used to isolate two specific elements of the system that relate to the uname system call. The UTS(UNIX Time Sharing) namespace is named after the data structure used to store information returned by the uname system call. Specifically, the UTS namespace isolates the hostname and the NIS domain name. NIS, an abbreviation of Network Information Service, is an outdated directory service.

Reference https://windsock.io/uts-namespace/

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