How can I change the default program for viewing pictures and photos?

or any other program while i’m at it, ubuntu built-in utilities are nice but there are better.

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You can go to system->preferences->preferred applications in your menu to change many of your applications, but you can also right click your files (like image files), click properties, and then open with. You can choose a default application from here for your file type :).

There may be a gconf entry for the image viewer, but I’m not sure where it is, so maybe I will add that to my answer later.

Answered By: RolandiXor

You can use Ubuntu Tweak to do this.

Once you have installed it, Applications -> System Tools -> Ubuntu Tweak -> System -> File Type Manager -> Image.

alt text

Answered By: Isaiah

There are two ways to do this.

The Easy Way

The first is to right click on a picture in your file manager, select Properties and then navigate to the Open With tab, then select the application you want and click Close:

alt text

The Second Way

You can also right click on files you want to change by right clicking on them selecting Open With -> Other Application …

alt text

From there you will have the option on what program you want to use to open that file, select your preferred viewer from the list:

alt text

You need to make sure you check the bottom checkbox.

Answered By: Jorge Castro

Next question: how to change the default app for a batch of filetypes?

This annoying default filetype associations problem annoyed me so much that I wrote an article about it! It is a somewhat clumsy solution but it works.

How to change default programs on Ubuntu

Hope it helps!

Answered By: Kakemphaton

Go to the:

System Settings > Details > Default Applications

And set Photos

enter image description here

Answered By: iman
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