Search in mutt by date and time

I’ve been using mutt for some days now, and I think I have the basics by now.

I’m able to search messages by date (l, ~d date ...) but what I need is to also search by time.

Is it even possible?

Asked By: ppetak


It is not possible without patching mutt, however you could limit to:

~d <1d ~h '^Date:.*(1[3-9]|2.):..:'

To list the emails that have been sent today after 13:00 (in their own timezone).

To check the date in your timezone, you may be able to rely on the fact that there should be a Received header added by a MTA in your timezone (especially if it goes through a MTA on your machine). Then you could do:

~r <1d ~h '^Received:.*(1[3-9]|2.):..:.. +0100'

(+0100 is the time zone offset where I live (+0000 in winter), it may be different for you).

You can also do the selection manually:

  • sort by sent or received date
  • note the first (x) and last (y) message you wish to see.
  • limit using ~m x-y
Answered By: Stéphane Chazelas
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