How to change where a symlink points

Screenshot of terminal with symbolic link

Can you tell me what this is in the area marked red?

If I want to change /media/files/tb-prod/files to some other path, how would I do that?

Asked By: Jalil Khan


files is a symbolic link to /media/files/tb-prod/files. When you access files or anything inside it, you’ll really access the path under /media. Symbolic links are made and updated using the ln command. This link could have been made with:

ln -s /media/files/tb-prod/files files

-s means to make a symbolic link. To update a link, either delete the link and create it as above, or use the -f option to ln as well. If you are linking to a folder, you should include the -n option:

ln -sfn /a/new/path files

This will replace the link with a new one pointing at /a/new/path.

The -n option is necessary when linking to a different target folder to avoid creating a sub-folder inside the old target folder files and instead replace the symbolic link completely.

Answered By: Michael Homer
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