Set GMAIL as default email client Ubuntu 22 & 24

I see this flagged as DUPLICATE but can’t read the reply anywhere. How do I set GMAIL as default email client? As recommended somewhere in this page, in SETTINGS,APPS,MAIL, the default THUNDERBIRD MAIL cannot be changed, no DROP DOWN option if I click it. So, what are the alternatives?Maybe the proper question is how to introduce IN SETTINGS,APPS,MAIL "another option", like GMAIL, as an optional mail client?

Asked By: Tony LS


If you use Firefox

Click the menu button and select Settings.
In the General panel, go to the Applications section.
Under content type, search for mailto and select it.
In the row for "mailto", click the Action column to change the action.

Ask will always ask you about the program you want to use every time you use an email feature.

Using (default) will automatically open the new message window of the operating system’s email program (e.g. Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail).

Using will open the new message page for your webmail service (e.g. Yahoo! Mail, Gmail) within Firefox.

Use another… allows you to specify an external program for Firefox to run.

Application details… allows you to view information about the application or remove webmail services that Firefox can use.

Answered By: kyodake

There is no Gmail app in Ubuntu

At the Ubuntu OS level you cannot set Gmail as the default email app. This is because there is no desktop email app called "Gmail" in Ubuntu.

Use Firefox

You can set your default email app as Firefox. Open the settings app and scroll down to Default Applications. Select Firefox from the drop down list for Mail:
enter image description here

Gmail within Firefox

In Firefox go to the Settings page > General Tab on left panel > Application section. Look for Mailto and change the Action to Use Gmail.


Hope this helps

Answered By: user68186
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