Missing icons in Dock after upgrade to Ubuntu 24.04

I have several program pinned to my Dock: some work perfectly, others behave strangely after updating. The .desktop files are configured properly.

I don’t know exactly how to put it in words, I’ll try my best with an example.

For instance, Discord works just fine: I press the icon, the "red dot" appears close to the icon, and Discord opens.

However, when I press the IntelliJ icon, the instance shows up as a different program with a cog icon:

enter image description here

A similar thing happens with Skype, which I don’t even have pinned on my Dock.
How do I fix this?

Asked By: joyfantastic


Try this:

  1. Open (=run) the application that behaves this way. Wait for its window to appear.

  2. Press Ctrl+F2 and run lg. On the window displayed click on Windows and find your application. Note the string displayed after wmclass: for this application.

  3. Find┬╣ the .desktop file of your application and copy the file into your ./.local/share/applications/ directory.

  4. Edit the newly created file and add a line to the end of the [Desktop Entry] section like this:


where string is the string you obtained in step 2.

┬╣ Note: In step 3, to find the .desktop file of your application search for:

$ sudo find / -iname desktopfile

where desktopfile is the string you see after app: for this application in step 2.

Answered By: FedKad
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