Is it safe to remove some Snaps from new LTS

Can you remove a few Snaps in the new 24.04 LTS without causing problem to your system. The Snaps I am wondering are snapd-desktop-integration, Firmware updater, ubuntu-desktop-bootstrap and Snap store. Can you do "sudo snap remove" for theese newly added and get away with it without damaging anything?

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Every snap package does something, however whether or not you’ll miss it will depend on how your use your machine, and what you use your machine for.

Snaps you mention are

firmware updater

I’m using a 2008 Dell Optiplex currently; its so old that Dell, Intel etc no longer provide updates (they stopped after 10 years) so me removing that package would have no negative consequences for me. However is your machine that old? Do you dual boot? (ie. if firmware updates arrive, do you have another OS you can boot to apply fixes for your hardware!). Only you can decide.

ubuntu desktop bootstrap

That’s a snap package that provides the TRY or INSTALL question and is found on live install media. My own system does NOT have that installed, and I’d not expect to find it on any installed system, only the live system; so I see no problem with removing that (in fact wonder why you’re asking about that! as if on an installed system I’d be exploring what you’d done to it to cause its install)

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This page defines that app as

Provides a user session daemon used to provide a bridge between the user’s session and snapd. Used for things like automatic theme installation.

How much does your desktop theming worry you? If you’re like me and don’t have problems with windows/apps not looking consistent, then it won’t worry you. If you’re removing all snap packages though, its very unlikely to be a problem, but again it’s how you use your system & with what apps.

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS can install snap free

There are some 24.04 ISOs that will install a completely snap free 24.04 system (eg. Lubuntu 24.04 LTS using the minimal install option as example), where in Quality Assurance testing the check for that was execution of the snap list command; where the expected result was not "no snaps installed" but that the snap command itself had an error & suggested installing snapd (ie. that install is snapd free).

However, like everything in life, there are pros & cons. Snap apps solve problems, are convenient & have some strengths, but some of us won’t need them, whilst others will gain benefit from them.

Only you can decide.

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