After reinstalling kde-plasma-desktop, I lost render of some icon fonts

After a mistake with aptitude command’s options, I lost my kde plasma DE of my kubuntu 22.04 and the computer boots in the CLI mode just like Ubuntu server, So I had to reinstall the kde-plasma-desktop again.
After installation I lost some icon fonts render in some applications.
For example:
1- In Firefox’s input fields of websites, While it still works in Google chrome:
enter image description here

In Chrome:

enter image description here

Also in Konsole’s Oh My Fish, powerline icons does not rendered:

enter image description here

Everything worked fine before that issue. but I don’t know exactly what’s the missing.

Asked By: SaidbakR


Install the kubuntu-desktop package instead.

sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop^
Answered By: Archisman Panigrahi
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