NetworkManager is not running after upgrading to Noble

I admit I knew this to be a long shot, but had to try it – I upgraded my 23.10 to 24.04.

After booting up, my network connectivity is gone and the Settings screen says:

NetworkManager not running

What I would usually do in this situation would be:

systemctl start NetworkManager

But it seems to be completely gone. If I try installing it (yes, I know, no internet), it says that actually network-manager depends on libnetplan1 (>= 0.106) which is not installable.

The also returns 0 results for libnetplan1 (there is libnetplan0 however):

Has anyone else had this issue? How would you proceed with triaging this?

Asked By: Jovan Perovic


Looks like something is going wrong on Ubuntu’s side, see:

As comment #5 on that bug ticket mentioned, you can workaround this temporarily by manually download and dpkg --force-all -i network-manager DEB package of previous version from mirror archives.
However, there will still be many packages missing and make the system unusable (even desktop environment being removed if running apt dist-upgrade after this issue occurs).

Since Noble is still under active development (not reaching beta yet), this issue might get fixed in the next few days.

Update: get the machine back online with the workaround and then apt update, –fix-broken install, install ubuntu-desktop then upgrade should fix this now.

Answered By: v72807647
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