Adding precision to Ubuntu Calculator unit conversion

In the Ubuntu calculator, these are the values I get when converting from Millimeters to Inches:

6.25 mm = 0.25 in
6.3 mm = 0.25 in
6.35 mm = 0.25 in
6.4 mm = 0.25 in
6.45 mm = 0.25 in

enter image description here

Is there a way to get more precision in the inch value?

This is regarding the conversion functionality in Advanced Mode, not entering the conversion equations in by hand.

Asked By: bwroga


Yes, you can.


enter image description here

Open calculator. You will see something like this:


In the top bar, choose "Advanced" instead of "Basic":

Advanced calculator

Now, to convert length, choose "Length" instead of "Angle":

Change length

Choose the two measurements you are converting:


Type in your number:


Finally, press "To" and convert your integer from one measurement to the other:



There are also different number formats, like scientific or engineering:


Answered By: John Carter
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