.docker folder in home dir is too large

Using Ubuntu 20.04, I had installed docker, docker-desktop and docker-compose a long time ago. Now, I wanted to clean up some storage in my pc and being identifying the large files, and found that .docker folder in my home directory is 68 GB in stoage.

I quickly ran docker system prune -a across both my contexts (all data was outdated and useless to me) and still the size is same. I never downloaded any container of this scope of size.

I can uninstall all related packages and delete the folder manually, but I wanted to know the underlying cause of this and how to fix this.

Asked By: mr.loop


The thing is I may have myself specified that much pre-occupied space for docker during setting it up.

Go to Docker Desktop > Settings > Resources and adjust the storage according to your needs.

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Answered By: mr.loop
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