How do I install clang 18 on Ubuntu?

software I need to use is requiring clang 18 to be installed on my computer:

em++: warning: LLVM version for clang executable "/usr/bin/clang" appears incorrect (seeing "14.0", expected "18") [-Wversion-check]

After little bit of searching I’ve learned I should use the command sudo apt install clang-18
Running that has given me E: Unable to locate package clang-18.

The software is requiring clang 18 but package manager can’t find it.
Do I need to include third party repository or something ? I’m on Ubuntu 22.04 .

Thank you for assistance.

Asked By: Mark


Using this guide you can install Clang 18.

In brief, there are 3 steps:

  1. Download the Automatic Installation Script using the Terminal –


    After Downloading, add executable permission by running this command –

    chmod u+x
  2. Use the script to install Clang:

    sudo ./ 18

    During the process, it will ask to hit Enter to confirm adding the apt repository. Then, you may just wait until the process done.

  3. Verify using the following code:

    clang-18 --version

    and/or locate clang-18 to verify.

Answered By: graham
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