Cannot upload files that are in my local Google Drive to any website

In the pop-up window that appears to upload a file to any website, I cannot upload files that are in my google drive, I select them and they simply do not upload, any other file on my system can be uploaded.

When I put my google account in Ubuntu I got this "mounting" point named ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs/,user=etc’ but any file inside cannot be uploaded to any web.

I have tried in different browsers and different websites, such as uploading attachments to Gmail or with this example:

If I select a file from my system the file is uploaded without problems, but with all the files under this google drive path nothing happens, no error or freezing.

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening?

Thank you

Edit: I use google drive with the GNOME Online Accounts method

Asked By: Javier


GNOME Online Accounts with Google Drive does not allow uploading files to webs, to achieve this you can use rclone to mount and sincronize gdrive to a local mount point.

Here is a detalied guide to configure rclone for google drive:

Answered By: Javier