How can I customize the GTK desktop title bar?

How can I customize the GTK title bar for the Gnome/Unity desktop, in Ubuntu 22.04?

I have several VMs running under VirtualBox, all in fullscreen mode (which shouldn’t be significant) and I want to see which VM I’m using at the top of the screen, along with the time.

Note that I am not talking about the title bars of application windows, just the one that runs full width at the very top,

Please bear with me; I might be using the wrong terms. I’m running stock Ubuntu 22.04 with no modifications, and using whatever the default GUI desktop is. I don’t know all the codenames.

NOTE: I have Wayland disabled. I have no use for a window manager that doesn’t allow positioning windows via the geometry option.

Asked By: Jeff Learman


I think what you want are gnome extensions. You can find them here. I use the extension manager myself to install them in one click.

Are you looking for this?

Answered By: alice
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