No sound Ubuntu 22.04 LTS / Windows 11 Dual boot

I have recently done my first dual boot with Ubuntu and Windows. However, now I don’t have sound with my speakers. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps I could find online, however nothing seems to work.

Using bluetooth headset, the sound works, but the speakers do not work.

They are recognised I believe, the microphone also works, but the speakers do not produce sound.

Screenshot from Sound tab in settings:

enter image description here

When running Windows 11, I do not experience any of these issues.

My system: asus zenbook 15 oled um3504da-ma204w

Asked By: traes008


I have resolved the issue;

The problem was that I had to update to a new kernel version. Was using 6.5.x and upgraded to 6.7.6.

This has fully solved my issue.

Answered By: traes008
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