Reinstall ubuntu-desktop without installing PipeWire?

I prefer to use Pulse Audio as my gaming laptop (2021 TUF Gaming A15) has audio crackling issues with Pipewire, usually with a game open at the same time. when I remove Pipewire sudo apt remove pipewire it seems to remove the ubuntu-desktop package along with Pipewire, after running sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop (to reinstall the Ubuntu desktop) PulseAudio takes place and there is no audio crackling, but after a reboot Pipewire takes over again.

I am also using the X11 display server, with a dedicated RTX 3050 graphics card and Ryzen 7 4800H processor.

Is it possible to replace the Pipewire service with PulseAudio or remove it without removing the Ubuntu desktop along with it?

Asked By: user1566425


Ubuntu 23.10 requires PipeWire to be installed. However you can disable it for your user account and install PulseAudio, even though it’s not officially recommended:

sudo apt install pulseaudio

systemctl --user mask pipewire pipewire-pulse pipewire-pulse.socket pipewire.socket wireplumber
systemctl --user enable pulseaudio
Answered By: Daniel T
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